Top 5 things you can do to release stress

Finding a place to chill and relax can help you release stress and it does not necessarily needs to be expensive.

First let us break some of the myths ladies have about stress releasing:

1. Shopping – The girls term it as “Retail Therapy”, which means go for a shopping spree. Most of the time, the things that are bought are Wants and not Needs. It means these things will become useless after some time.

2. Go for a holiday – It is widely known that people go for holiday to break away from their daily stress. Does it really work? Majority of the people come back feeling worst because they cannot accept their “reality”.

3. Go for high tea – This is the worst thing to do if you are stress. Because when you are stressed, you tend to eat more. When you eat more, you gain weight–and after gaining weight, you are looking for ways to lose those extra kilos.


So what can you do to release stress?

Here are Top 5 things you can do to release stress

1. Go to the beach for a picnic

2. Go to a quiet and cozy cafe

3. Go for a dip in the swimming pool

4. Go to the airport

5. Go to a park and sync with nature


These are simply affordable for everybody and I am sure you will melt off your stress and stay happy.

Top 5 things you can do to release stress

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