Myths and Facts of Gelish

myths of gelish


Myths and Facts of Gelish

Many girls have probably a misconception of gelish and therefore are afraid to have it on their nails. Here, we would like to break the myths and provide some facts for you.

Myth #1 : Applying gelish can spoil my nails.

Fact : Improper handling or removing the gel spoil your nails. If the nail technician is properly trained and with experience, it does not spoil your nails.


Myth #2 : Gelish is more expensive.

Fact : Gelish gives you more value because they can last longer than normal polish. Under normal circumstances, it can last you up to 21 days.


Myth #3 : My hands become dry after exposing to curing light.

Fact : Your hands will not become dry as moisturizing cream is applied.


Myth #4 : The last gelish I applied was not lasting, thus I think gelish cannot last.

Fact : If the nail technician did not pay attention to your nails, they might have missed some important parts to seal up the gel. Therefore an air gap could lead to the gel gets peeled off.


Myth #5 : Gelish made my nails turned colour after removing.

Fact : It is recommended that you should not keep the gel on your nails more than 21 days, as your nail needs to absorb the vitamins.


Myth #6 : My previous experience with using gelish was painful.

Fact : If the nail technician had filed your nail too thin, then you could experience pain. Over at nailush, we pay extra attention to your nails to ensure that you have beautiful nails at the end of the session, and painless.

7 days Guarantee!

Nailush have the experience in Gelish and provides you with 7 days guarantee. If the gel peeled off within 7 days due to defect, we are pleased to touch it back for you.
The guarantee does not cover wear and tear, scratches, and personal accidents.
Nailush is a home based manicure and pedicure salon in Singapore that has passionately served many satisfied customers over the past 4 years. Beautiful nails gives you the confidence and attractiveness that you always wanted, and we want to help you with that by giving our best in your manicure and pedicure.

Myths and Facts of Gelish
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